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Come see our line of home automation products and services and see how you could be Living Comfy. Control your lights and more with the same remote you watch TV with!

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Would you like complete control of your home? You can control your home with one remote control... the same one you watch TV with....Ask us about our Home Automation and Lighting control systems.
vinyl bending

Bending Table


Vinyl Oven

Vinyl Oven

Table with mold


C. A. Design was established to help companies minimize operating expenses through automation and technological innovations.

Whether it is by designing and manufacturing a new piece of equipment, or modifying and automating existing equipment, C. A. Design can help.

We use innovative technology to maximize production, control, and safety.

Innovative Vinyl Bending System:

CA Design's services include an excellent turn around time on all equipment orders along with a satisfaction guarantee and warranted parts. All of our equipment is customized to fit YOUR needs.

  • Need a mold longer or shorter than 10'?
    No problem.
  • Need a system to bend a continuous head?
    No problem.
  • Want to bend a radius as tight as 12"?
    No Problem...
Bending Table

The vinyl bending system is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, making our equipment rust free and extremely durable for any environment.

The table top is 3/8" aluminum with a CNC cut starburst pattern for our innovative clamping system.

Innovative Clamping System

Each clamp can easily be moved to change the radius of the mold to exact specifications. Many vinyl profiles can bend as tight as a 12" radius.

Vinyl Molds

Each mold is built to fit each of your window profiles exactly and can be used by any bending system of a similar design.
Generally each mold consists of two pieces of white UHMW approximately 2.5" x 3.5" and 10' in length (other lengths are available up to 20'). All mandrills/snakes are included. 

Heating Options:

Heat Tanks
Our standard heat tank is 12' long, however any length is available (20' shown). Each is made of stainless steel and aluminum. A temperature process controller and a has been incorporated to maximize heat efficiency keeping the entire tank a consistent temperature.

Vinyl Oven

Our forced draft, radiant heat oven is the most heat efficient oven on the market for vinyl bending. We use only the best materials and controls available, allowing simple low maintenance operation. Learn more of our innovative Vinyl Oven Technology.

Continuous Head Bending

Continuous head bending is a unique, innovative way to save you time and money. Ask us if this is the right option for you. By adding table extenstions to your bending table you can now bend a archtop window with the legs already attached.

1 Point Welding

We offer a one point vinyl welder that is economical, versatile, and is ideal for companies getting started. A one point welder can be added to any order or purchased separately.

Custom Accessories

If you need it we can build it. Other custom accessories are available for our VBS. Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to provide it for you.

Automation and specialty tools... If you have a tool that could perform better we can re-engineer it (with a few modifications) or build tools and jigs to fit your specifications. C. A. Design is also an excellent resource for inventors. You can take advantage of our skilled personnel to bring your Ideas and Inventions to life.

For questions or information on our Vinyl Bending systems, contact our Sales staff.

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